About Us

Exhibitionists Fort Worth is a creative community of which most members are employees of Fort Worth’s celebrated art museums. These institutions have cultivated a creative hub where artists, curators, intellectuals, music makers, writers, trendsetters, and other expressive and enterprising thinkers converge. The employees of these organizations, ranging from gallery attendants to administrators, are surrounded by one of the best free art educations the city has to offer, a setting in which one can be inspired by the masterpieces that grace its walls and the individuals that traverse its spaces

In this spirit, the Exhibitionists have united to present a pop up art and music event highlighting the creative talent connected to employees of Fort Worth’s four art museums. Unprecedented in its scope and displaying the works of over fifty visual artists - all museum employees with diverse artistic backgrounds and degrees of experience - the art exhibition will be on display Saturday, September 26th at Shipping & Receiving, followed by a reception featuring twelve performances by local musicians.

We hope to provide an opportunity for the academic exploration of how publicly available art informs Fort Worth’s artistic and creative community; to create an alternative avenue for artists to collaborate and display their work; and to establish new, as well as strengthen existing networks among Fort Worth’s burgeoning creative community. We also seek to spotlight Fort Worth as a destination for all creatives to live, work, and play. Proceeds will benefit Fort Worth’s Art Station, North Texas’ only non-profit agency solely dedicated to providing art therapy services to children and adults.



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Event Co-Chair

A Fort Worth Weekly Visionary Award Nominee, James is a talented local artist moonlighting as a gallery attendant at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. His work has been described by fellow artist John Hartley as “ironic, sad, and funny all at the same time. And pretty thought-provoking”.  Friends at The Modern will tell you that he is also an accomplished practical joker.



Lead Curator

Aimee, a practicing artist who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and a minor in Art History from Messiah College, is an information desk associate at The Modern, as well as an interviewer and the social media director for Art This Week.  When she’s not spending time with her husband and Giant Schnauzer, you can find her drawing, painting, amassing art history knowledge and working on her fitness.



Creative Director

Once a gallery attendant at The Modern, Shane has now infiltrated the ranks of The Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  He has a B.F.A. in graphic design from the Art Institute of Fort Worth.  His design work is modern, clever, and thorough.  In his free time, he pursues his own artistic work including drawing, photography, printmaking, and Minecraft.  And please, call him Shanegerous.